more self love

Sometimes I think I'm crazy cause I see things so differently than everyone else.

I constantly find myself over thinking every thought or idea to the point where I'm in a bad mood after. As if my brain will not shut up just for a minute. Usually, something small so trivial opens up negative thoughts or insecurities. I don't like this body part. Am I smart enough? Am I pretty enough? Am I good enough? I think we all have these thoughts right.

From a couple years of experience now, my cure is simple straight forward. Just more self love. When I run into all these negative thoughts, I try to fight it off with some positive reinforcement. Here are some of my tips:

Be yourself. There are 7 billion other people on the earth. There is only one of you. You are completely unique and whichever higher power or God that you believe in created you just the way you are now.

Don't compare. Comparison will kill you. I've learned this slowly but surely that everyone is different with strengths and weaknesses. Your strengths are someone else's weaknesses.

You can improve and be better. Let's say you are insecure or don't like a trait about yourself. Always know you have the power to improve. Give yourself wiggle room.

Embrace all of your flaws. It's okay because everyone has flaws. Freckles, gap teeth, smaller eyes, lanky body makes you stand out and unique and beautiful. It's good to just embrace it.

Being sad sometimes is ok. Being angry is ok too. Sometimes you just need to let it out. It's not healthy to constantly force yourself to try to be happy. It's okay to express your feelings. Just take deep breaths, think of a really happy place (mine's on a beach in Italy) and when I'm down I like to listen to music or read good books.

Don't be selfish. I like to think there are more important things to worry about than your physical appearance or how you look. Don't get so caught up in little things in appearance. I think it's more important to be smart, kind, thoughtful, accomplished, determined. Intelligence is always attractive. As for body image, the main importance is to be healthy mentally and physically.

A couple other tricks are to develop healthy habits (walking your dog, reading, listening to fantastic music or exercising), be kind, be open to ideas and allow yourself to feel everything. Just try to always gain perspective. Is this negativity even worth it. Are there bigger and better things to think about?

Well that's it from me today. Love yourself guys and give yourself lots of room to grow.